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We aim to provide the opportunity for everyone to participate in the sport of chess in Peterborough, England and the surrounding area. Every Wednesday from 7:30pm, we meet at the Lancaster Club in Yaxley to enjoy chess in a competitive but friendly atmosphere.

We cater for all standards of play and organise teams in the county leagues, hold internal events and championships and can offer tuition to improve your game.


    * meet weekly throughout the year
    * cater for all standards of play
    * enter teams in county leagues
    * organise internal championships and events
    * offer tuition to improve your game

Facebook Page

Thanks to Jim Lewin we now have a Facebook page. Pop over and have a look. It also has other links associated with the club.


This season, the first after the pandemic, has been a great one for New England. We came first in Division 1 and narrowly missed out in Division 2 and the Team 7000 competitions. Congratulations to all who took part.

Directions to the Club

Available for download the minutes of recent AGMs

Minutes of Club AGM 2022 and Minutes of Cambridgeshire Chess Association AGM

The Fixtures for the coming season can now be downloaded from this link Fixtures 2022-2023 when available.

Cambridgeshire League Rules 2022 - League Rules
Team 7000 Rules 2022 - Team 7000 Rules
Fenland Knockout  Rules 2022 - Fenland Rules

The Cambridgeshire Rapidplay 2022 is on Sunday 25th September. Entry via the Cambrigeshire website link or download the entry form here.

The Cambridgeshire County Chess Championships to be held in Wansford on the 26th and 27th November 2022. Download the entry form from here.

Chris Ross - Blind Faith

Our honorary club member Chris Ross has finally finished his first book and sends us details of where you can get a copy from. He says...

I am emailing to hopefully bring some small amount of joy and
excitement into our world. After some considerable time, I have finally
managed to pull together a manuscript, that may bring some
enlightenment into some of you. Most of you will be aware that I have
occasionally sent out annotations to my games. It has been a
fascinating journey over the past quarter of a century and how far
I have travelled and developed. Such a demonstrative passage.

I have decided to share that experience and wondrous journey with the
world now and have created an inspiring volume. I sincerely hope that
you will find it both instructive and developmental.

The book has now been opened up for pre-order purchasing. We are
having a period of pre-order purchasing, so that we can gauge to how
many printed versions will be required. Naturally, the printed version
is more expensive than the E-book version. Those wishing for a signed
copy of the book simply need to indicate to me that they wish for
this. This may incur a few extra days delay in receiving the volume,
but those wishing for the signed copy, notify me accordingly.
The date of release is 09 May. Those ordering the E-book version will
be sent this on that precise date.

The links that you require to pre-order this book are given below.

Paperback edition:

E-book edition:
Chess was devised many centuries ago and has developed into a truly international sport.

Two players clash in a battle of ideas and imagination starting with an identical army of pieces on a board with 64 squares. Each piece has its own pattern of movement and the objective is to overwhelm the commander of your opponent's army (the king). You need to manoeuvre your forces to threaten the king (i.e. you can move one of your pieces to the square it occupies) and similarly control all the surrounding squares (checkmate).

To play chess successfully, you need to learn how the various pieces move and to understand the strategy and tactics which enable you to deploy them to deliver checkmate. Many books and websites can give basic instructions. For example the FIDE website has an official handbook. Click here to go to the site

Rules of chess website:


There are a number of sites where freely available training material is available as well as game play.



www.youtube.com  and search on 'chess'
The club currently enters two teams in the leagues of the Cambridgeshire Chess Association


This entails midweek matches against similar clubs around the county over four or five boards. Also, this year we are entering 2 teams of 4 players in the Team 7000 competition whereby a teams' total grade cannot exceed 7000 points. This will give players who don't play too much team chess a chance to play in a competitve environment. 

Internally, we organise a club championship, handicap and rapid play events during the winter season and a lighthearted evening of fun chess before the break for Christmas. We devote the summer months to tuition sessions aimed at improving specific areas of our play. It all adds up to a crowded calendar that keeps us active throughout the year!

The club issues a monthly newsletter to keep members abreast of match results and forthcoming events with other articles including a problem challenge and game highlights.

Internal Club Tournament Rules

To download the rules for the club tournamnets click on the appropriate link - Ladder   (New Rules to follow)
The club is run by a committee comprising

    * Chairman
    * Secretary
    * Treasurer
    * Match captains
    * Tournament organiser

The responsibilities of each club officer is defined in the Club Constitution which also states that an Annual General Meeting is held for members to hear their summary reports. The members elect the officers and determine policy for the coming year.


For 2021-22 the subscription is £50 + membership of the appropriate category of ECF.
The club meets every Wednesday evening at 7:30pm at

Yard of Ale
72 Oundle Road
WoodstonPE2 9PA, Peterborough, United Kingdom


For membership and other club related items  cjruss@virginmedia.com

Website - phil@ptcomputerservices.co.uk

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